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Aerobic in-vessel composting technology
for waste treatment

ciVic® aerobic composting is a fully automated system which has been proven on both segregated wastes and un-segregated Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

  • Can achieve >80% diversion from landfill (>90% in some circumstances);
  • Is environmentally friendly, producing only carbon dioxide and water;
  • Achieves material sanitisation in 6 days;
  • Continuously monitored batch system operation enabling full traceability of all batches processed (typical batch mass 100~150 tonnes);
  • Does not require IPPC licensing and operates under a Waste Management License as a recovery process (confirmed by the Environment Agency, May 2004)
  • Full operating data available (validated by independent accredited Universities);
  • Modular design, easily expandable and facilitates a “floating population” i.e. in tourism areas;
  • Requires a relatively small “footprint” – total site requirements <3 hectares for a 100-120 kt/a facility.

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